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Dash Delivery is a tracking and maps delivery solution that helps drivers receive and manage orders on their phones. The aim is to streamline the ordering process, from when a customer pays online, the driver should be able to see order, see which shop to pick up the product, and deliver to customer. Dash Delivery Download App


Automate Deliveries & History Reports

Auto-create, approve and assign delivery tasks to your nearest and available drivers. View your driver's past deliveries, ratings and customer comments.

Same Day Delivery

Friendly and professional deliveries on time, every time made possible by our motorbikes, minibus taxis and small motor vehicles that will be available for deliveries. With a simple and easy payment process.

Live Location

Your order's safety is a priority and you should not be in constant worry about its
safe keeping and whereabouts. View the delivery journey in real-time for extra
peace of mind.

Task Creation & Management

Delivery tasks are created and assigned to drivers to be fulfilled. Keep track and chat to drivers while they are out to ensure safe and secure delivery of goods. Queries relating to ongoing trips can be remotely resolved by the merchants and
driver via the app.


Driver Manager
Effective task creation and management results in improved deliveries, satisfied customers, higher driver morale and a more desirable working environment. View driver's live location and address and correct improper driver behaviour.

Route Optimization
Get the fastest delivery route for timely deliveries every time. Get the most efficient routes every time for all your deliveries with Tookan.


Delivery Management
The stores on Dash will be able to handle their own deliveries through Dokan. Easily select the nearest most available driver to handle deliveries.

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