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Dash Store Manager Dash Merchant App allows merchants to manage stock, orders, location of drivers and other items that help them with their shop. Dash is integrated into the store's stock keeping and point of sales helping the retailer to have a much more integrated system. Download App


Operations Management

Dash allows merchants to have a birds eye view over their entire operations. It will help managers better manage their stock, track sales, issue and track deliveries, and
manage driver behaviour.

Comment Section

Dash will allow its stores to host all the comments left by their customers. This will enable direct interaction between stores and their customers, it'll help stores build authority, it'll help stores establish an online community and, it's a great place to get new ideas to use to keep your customers satisfied.

Virtual Point of Sale

Merchants wont need to worry about physically managing their point of sale systems as Dash automated this process for ease of use for both merchants and customers. Our virtual point of sale lets all store managers manage and checkout multiple live carts; discounts are applied automatically at checkout and; it's safe, secure and easy to use.

History & Reports

Dash managers will be able to view store sales report in detail and get a complete overview of their store's performance. Managers will also have access to all their delivery reports and all driver ratings and comments to assist with driver behaviour


Store Management
Dash will simplify store management by having everything digitised and tracked daily. History reports will detail overall performance of every single operational aspect in each store from inventory management all the way down to customer reviews of their delivery.

Stock Management
There will be virtual stock keeping done on Dash. This can be used as an extra tool by store managers to help them with their stock
ordering and tracking of product behaviour.


Sales Manager
With store managers being able to operate multiple shopping carts, Dash will make it easy for stores to manage all their orders, track sales and, ensure efficient delivery of all items.

Driver Management & Tracking
With real-time tracking of orders, managers will be able to assign and dispatch orders to the nearest most available driver and in turn track and manage driver location.

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